Socially Strong: Developing Social Skills Camp

A successful social life is immeasurably important to a child’s happiness, health and development…”

– Richard Lavoie

For children, navigating their social world can be complex and challenging. Socially Strong offers four intensive mornings of social skills development through research based interventions, group work, and role play. All activities aim to build a foundation of social skills and develop a tool box of strategies that can build confidence and positive interactions in social settings. In addition to strengthening social development through evidence-based practices, we will also reaffirm learned skills through multiple activities including, art, games, yoga and meditation. Our aim is to have participants leave at the end of the week feeling more socially empowered than ever before.


When: August 8-11, 2017 9am-12pm

Where: Strathcona Community Centre -  277 Strathcona Dr SW, Calgary, AB T3H 2A4

Who: Students grades 4-7 (If your child is not entering grades 4 – 7, but you are interested in this service, please email us directly to discuss upcoming opportunities)

Cost: $450 (can be claimed through benefits for psychological services)

*Snack and take home materials will be provided*


Day 1 - Communication & Empathy 

Communication skills are imperative for interactions with other people, both verbally and non-verbally through words, body language and gestures. Students will learn how to properly communicate messages, thoughts and feelings with others and in specific social situations. This will be practiced through role playing and modelling.  Being able to understand and feel empathy is an important social skill. Students will work through lessons on identifying how others are feeling.

Day 2 - Understanding Emotions & Positive Thinking

Understanding emotions will help students identify and express basic emotions for both themselves and others.  Students will improve their awareness of feelings and emotions. It is important to also teach students appropriate ways of expressing feelings  by demonstrating examples and non-examples of different emotions. Students will learn that increasing and maintaining positive activities will help create a healthy lifestyle. Students will apply the procedures of positive goal setting to their lives. 

Day 3 - Managing Social Stress & Problem Solving

Students will learn methods to help identify and reduce stress. We will build on examples of stressful situations and encourage students to explain and identify their feelings. Problem solving is an important skill in interpersonal relationships and also while managing stressful situations. Students will approach specific situations while discussing with the group  different solutions to the problem. 

Day 4 - Building & Maintaining friendships

Learning positive friendship skills is important to build relationships throughout the lifespan. Students will learn healthy ways to build friendships such as conversation skills, working on flexibility within friendship, coping skills in difficult situations and dealing with conflict & disagreement. 

*Follow up sessions will be offered to provide students and parents with additional information and lessons on building strong social skills* 

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